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    I met Yasaman, one of the founders of Oat My Goodness granola, at an event a few months ago and pretty much instantly fell in love with her and her granola. Yasaman founded the company with her mom, Shohreh (I mean, what’s sweeter than that!?) out of a love for healthy cooking and seeing a need...
    I get emails, Instagram messages, and even random comments almost daily asking me for tips about growing a business and about private practice. I definitely don’t have all the answers by any means, but am flattered nonetheless that so many people look to me for guidance on this! After polling so...
    Last week, Whole Foods Market came over to my apartment to shoot a video about cooking their Wild Caught Sockeye salmon and to discuss what being healthy means to me. Naturally, I was super excited to share my views on eating healthy and basically become a pseudo-celebrity. Here’s what we...
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