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    Personalized sessions to help you be your healthiest self​

  • Weight Management

    Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, or change your body composition overall, weight management-focused sessions help you to reach the weight at which you feel most comfortable.

  • Disordered Eating

    Unlike an eating disorder diagnosis, disordered eating refers to a range of behaviors in which your relationship with food isn’t healthy, or you don’t feel comfortable around food and with your body. These sessions focus on making your relationship with food as healthy as possible, and helping you to feel comfortable with what you eat. Kindly note that I do not work with eating disorders, but am happy to refer to amazing colleagues who do. Please contact me for a referral).

  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

    Both pre-diabetes and diabetes can be well managed with proper diet. Nutrition sessions can help teach you how to eat healthy to manage or prevent diabetes, while still enjoying what you eat and without restricting any foods.

  • High Cholesterol

    Nutrition plays a large role in our heart health and cholesterol. To prevent or control high cholesterol, nutrition sessions focus on which foods to limit and which to pay most attention to for the healthiest heart.

  • Teens and College Students

    Teenage and college years can be tough to navigate! Your body’s changing, you’re living on your own for the first time, and just maybe, there’s some alcohol involved. Establishing healthy eating behaviors is especially important during this time. Seeing a dietitian can help you learn how to eat in order to both feel healthy and satisfied.

  • Corporate Lectures

    If your company would like to learn about healthy eating or any specific nutrition-related topics, then a corporate lecture is perfect for you. These lectures are typically 1-hour long, and can be adapted to focus on any of the above areas, as well as more specific topics such as healthy dining out and healthy snacking.

  • Virtual Counseling

    Not in New York City? No problem! I offer virtual counseling via phone for anyone who can’t make it in to my NYC office. These sessions work the same way that in-person sessions do (see above), simply over the phone.

  • See something not listed?

    Nutrition has so many different sub-areas, that in order for me to be an expert at the ones I practice, I simply can’t cover them all! If you have another topic in mind that is not listed (for example, prenatal nutrition), please contact me to see if this an area we can work on. If it’s not something I specialize in, I am happy to provide a referral or a list of dietitian colleagues who do.

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