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  • Nutrition Philosophy

    All Foods Fit

    I practice an “all foods fit” approach, where I believe there is room for every single food in a healthy diet. Allowing all foods enables you to have a healthy relationship with food, which is one of the most important aspects of being healthy overall. I truly believe there is a way to reach your goals without restricting any foods or sacrificing your social life. A healthy diet is one that is not only sustainable, but also enjoyable. Read more about my nutrition philosophy here.

  • Initial Consultation

    We’ll first set up your initial consultation. This appointment is about 1-hour long, where we’ll discuss everything about you and your goals. Food, diet, weight, and eating behaviors usually have a lot of history, so it’s important that you have time to explain everything you want to me to know, in order for me to learn all about *you* during this first session.

    Follow Up Sessions

    After your initial consultation, each follow up session will be about 30-45 minutes long. In these sessions, we’ll set small goals for you to work on, check in on your progress, and adjust as needed every step of the way. We will typically meet every other week.

    Have questions? 

    Let’s set up a phone call! I know that choosing the right dietitian to work with can be a confusing task, and it’s important to find someone who works well for you. Before scheduling your initial consultation, we can set up a complimentary 15-minute call to answer any of your questions and determine if Nutrition Works NY is the right fit for you.

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